We have over 20 years’ experience in building HV / MV electrical substations with ESB, including major refurbishment programmes in live substations. We also design and build new substations in the renewable, aviation and educational sectors.

Sample Projects

ESB 38 to 110kV Substation Framework.

In 2022 Mainline began delivering projects on this ESB 38 to 110kV Substation Framework, , which encompasses a broad range of works from G1/G3 connections (New housing and industrial unit connections), Mini Pillar and Magnafix replacement to Live 38-110kv substation maintenance and refurbishment projects. The framework runs for 7 years across the 26 counties.

 ESB Substation Civils Framework

Since 2015 Mainline has delivered civil upgrade works to over 150 ESB Substations.

Mainline was the Lead Electrical Contractor on the new North Runway project in Dublin Airport and our scope included the complete fit-out of 2 substations including:

  • Mechanical & Electrical fit-out
  • HV Switchgear
  • Circuit breakers
  • HV Transformers
  • Constant Current Regulators (CCRs)
  • Back-up generators
  • Distribution Boards
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • UPS’s
  • Lighting protection Systems
  • Security Systems

Date of Completion: April 2019

Ballycumber Wind Farm (WF) is located near Tinahealy, Co. Wicklow. The WF includes six Siemens SWT 101 3.2MW Wind Energy Converters (WEC’S) with a maximum installed capacity of 19.2MW and a maximum export capacity of 18MW. Each WEC is capable of a maximum output of 3.2MW via a turbine transformer. The WTGs are connected at 38kV to the ESBN distribution network at the point of connection via the grid transformer located at the WF substation (Ballycumber). Ballycumber WF was contestably built Substation.

Conversion to 20KV, including Trafo replacement, Station Protection Upgrade, replace AAP, relocation of Interface Trafo, installation of 3 No. RMU’s, and installation of Unit Sub. Undergrounding of all MV Networks in the Station, Refurbishment of all MV cubicles and 38KV Trafo cubicle. All civil work associated with the refurbishment including bunded Trafo base.

Removal of Trafo from Trien 38KV Substation and installation in Causeway. Work included HV / MV Trafo cubicles, protection upgrade, AAP replacement, and all associated civil works.

Mainline completed the EBoP (Electrical Balance of Plant) works in 2019 (as part of a Joint-Venture), the scope of the 13 Wind Turbine project included the Substation Design and Build and Fit Out (IPP and ESBN stations)

  • Lacha (Ballydesmond)  38kV Substation (Cork)
  • Trinity College 10kV Modular Substation (Dublin)
  • McDonagh  38kV  Substation  (Kilkenny  City )
  • Smearla 38kV  Substation (Kerry)
  • Burnwood 38kV Substation  (Portloise)
  • Oakfield 38kV Substation (Sligo)
  • Newcastlewest 38 kV Substation (Limerick)
  • Trien 38 & 110kV Substation (Kerry)
  • Coomergerlahy  110kV  Substation (WindFarm)
  • Charleville 110kV Substation (Cork)
  • Monateen 110kV Substation (Limerick)
  • Aughinish  110kV  Substation  (Limerick)
  • Civil upgrade works on over 150 ESB Substations

Mainline have been contracted by Atlantic Projects Company (APC) to carry out the design, supply and install of various element of civil and electrical works associated with a double 275kV grid connection, connecting the existing NIE 275kV substation within Kilroot Power station and the new 275kV GIS switchgear.

In 2022 Mainline successfully obtained a position onto the ESB Framework.  The framework encompasses a range of works from G1/G3 connections (New housing and industrial unit connections), Mini Pillar and Magnafix replacement to Live 38-110kv maintenance. This framework is for 7 years and Mainline deliver many projects across the whole of Ireland within that time.