Installation of Runway Guard Lights – Cork Airport

Project Completed: 24th of July 2018

Runway Guard Light systems were required in Cork Airport to improved awareness of an active runway
and to mitigate unauthorised entry to the Runway.

This project includes all electrical and civil works for the installation of additional Runway Guard Light
systems for Nine Taxiway/Runway and Runway/Runway intersections as detailed below:

Mainline Power completed the following as a part of the project:

Civils Works

  • The cutting of saw cuts for secondary cable routes
  • The construction of secondary ducting from new fitting location to way edge (saw cuts) including provision of ropes.
  • The setting out and installation of concrete bases to house the new 12” shallow base pots in existing pavement
  • The Sealing cable chases upon installation of all secondary cables.
  • The coring and breaking out for new inset shallow bases
  • The setting out of ducts, chases and shallow bases for AGL fittings
  • Delethalisation works
  • Quality Audits on inset fitting adhesive materials
  • Electrical Works

  • Installation of free issue Primary Cabling (4 # 6.6 amp series Circuits) into existing ducts to feed all new Runway Guard Fittings – 10km
  • Installation of new concrete bases to house new 12” shallow base pots
  • Installation of free issue Shallow pots in 12” cores for Runway Guard (Configuration A)
  • Make up and install new secondary cables, (including earth cable) via new saw cuts and ducts.
  • Installation of free issue elevated Runway Guard fitting (Configuration A) into existing/ new shallow pots – 18 in total
  • Supply and installation of labelling on all fittings, cables, transformers and manholes in accordance with the drawings
  • Installation of free issue CCR’s into existing switch room,
  • Supply and Installation of all accessories associated with the installation of the CCR’s including all LV cabling, PLC cabling, MCB’s, cable distribution etc.
  • Test and commission AGL systems.
  • Carried out Insulation resistance tests on all MV (FLYCYs) primary circuits at Substations prior to working on these circuits, measured and recorded results for comparison with identical tests carried out after works to confirm that no attenuation of the resistance of the circuit insulation occurred during the works.