The Year in Numbers: 2014.


2014 has been another successful year for Morrison Mainline and the business has grown significantly with the addition of a number of Contracts.

The year can be concisely summarised with the following numbers:

• Over 135,000 homes & businesses visited nationally, over a number of Contracts
• Over 100,000 Water meters installed in Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary & Clare
• Over 80,000 Water Meter reads carried out in Cork county
• Over 16,000 visits to Telecom installations nationally
• Over 15,000 Telecommunication Engineer support hours provided
• Over 14,000m of telecoms fibre installed nationally
• Over 14,000m of Fibre and Electrical ducting installed nationally
• Over 9,000 electrical Installations completed in Domestic premises nationally
• Over 1,500 remote Central Heating Units installed in Domestic premises.
• Over 1,250 WIFI units installed in commercial premises nationally

Thanks to all our Clients and Customers who helped to make this happen, and we look forward to a mutually successful 2015 together!

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