Mainline secures another significant windfarm project in Northern Sweden.


Mainline has signed a contract worth more than €10 million to provide power and communication infrastructure to a major 137 turbine wind farm project in Northern Sweden.

The work will be carried out at Europe’s largest onshore wind farm in the Markbygden Cluster, installing more than 350 kilometres of MV power and fibre optic cabling

Mainline chief executive Jamie O’Rourke said the company expects to complete the project in less than 18 months.

“We have just completed a smaller wind farm project inside the Arctic circle in Sweden, and this latest contract is our second significant project win in Sweden. Our ability to adapt our proven processes to Swedish requirements has been key to winning these projects in a very competitive commercial environment with local and international players in the market,” he said.

“Our construction, procurement and design teams in Mainline have proven themselves to be able to compete with the best, and lessons learned in Sweden can be applied to major power infrastructural projects in the future back here in Ireland. ”

Link to article in the Irish Times: Cork-based Mainline signs €10m contract for wind farm project (

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