Amarenco Mainline completes rooftop solar installation at University College Cork (UCC).


Amarenco Mainline has finalised work on the installation of a rooftop solar installation at University College Cork (UCC).

The installation is comprised of 80 solar PV panels fixed to the south facing roof of the Food Science Building and 8 solar PV panels installed on the Aras Na Laoi Building, fed directly into the UCC electricity distribution network. The system will produce 22 Kilowatts of electricity at peak production and will contribute significantly to the electricity requirements of the buildings. Amarenco Mainline designed, supplied, installed, tested and commissioned the system in accordance with ESB Networks and ETCI Regulations and all appropriate regulatory and quality standards.

Amarenco Mainline is a partnership between Amarenco Solar and Mainline Group, a leading provider of network construction and support services. The partnership offers turnkey commercial rooftop solutions to public bodies, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients.

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