Taxiway Re-designation Project (Runway 10/28) – Dublin Airport

The 28th of March was a major date for the D.A.A. as this was the date the re-designation took place of all the taxiways airside at Dublin Airport.

This project involved the installation of new taxiway signage to be ready for the implementation of the re-designation of the airfield in the locations.

Project Completed: 28th of March 2019
Mainline Power completed the following as a part of the project:

• Provided new cores on the existing/new concrete bases.
• Made safe, disconnected and salvaged existing signs including associated secondary cable (plug and socket) fly-leads. Signs were strip-out and returned to the DAA for refurbishment. The leads were held for reuse.
• Made up and installed new secondary cables (and earth cable) via existing ducts and connected them to the existing isolating transformer. Reused the leads previously stripped out.
• Made 20mm hole on the leg to allow the leg to be used as a raceway for the secondary, Arctic Blue cable thus providing mechanical protection form rodent damage.
• Cables were repositioned to suit the existing infrastructure.
• Installed new illuminated signs on existing foundations.
• Supplied and installed M12 fixing bolts for securing legs of the signs to the plinths.
• Supplied and installed earth rods and earth rail etc. in manholes.
• Supplied and installed transformer brackets to support transformers on the walls of the manholes.
• Supplied and installed labelling on the signage circuit fittings, cables (secondary cables) and transformers manholes in accordance with the drawings.
• Carried out Insulation resistance tests on all MV (FLYCYs) primary circuits at Substations prior to working on these circuits, measured and recorded results for comparison with identical tests carried out after works to confirm that no attenuation of the resistance of the circuit insulation occurred during the works.

Project by Numbers:

• 146 Signs Installed
• 389 Signage Legs Supports Installed
• 146 New Transformers Installed
• 584 Secondary Joints Completed