Runway 16/34 Rehabilitation Project – Dublin Airport

Project completed: 27/8/19

Mainline Power completed the following as a part of the project:

The project is for the structural overlay/rehabilitation of the Runway 16/34.
The project includes AGL (Aerodrome Ground Lighting) infrastructure to future proof for reducing the runway width to 45m and for taxiing in low visibility conditions and addressing minor non- compliances on Taxiway E1
As part of this contract existing AGL systems are required to be temporarily decommissioned with the areas of the structural overlay/rehabilitation works and reinstated as required including but not limited to taxiway centreline, taxiway edge, stopbars, runway end, Threshold, Approach, Supplementary Approach, Stopway fittings, Touch Down Zone fittings.
Mainline Surveyed and identified existing and new primary circuit routes to ensure ducts were usable.
Protection provided to the existing secondary cabling of the disconnected fittings
Made safe, disconnected and salvaged existing fittings.
Secondary leads were placed into the AGL inner core and protected. Fittings were retained for future re-installation.
Disconnected and stripped-out/salvaged the follow fittings:
Elevated Threshold/Rwy End
Inset Threshold/Rwy End
Runway Identification Lighting System (RTILS)
Touch down zone fittings (TDZ)
Runway Centerline
Taxiway Centerline
Taxiway Edge
Approach fittings
Supplementary approach
Installed new 12” shallow bases including supply of mortar and grout.
Installed new 8” shallow bases including supply of mortar and grout.
Installed 12” blanking plates on shallow bases.
Installed 8” blanking plates on shallow bases.
Installed temporary elevated Threshold/RWY end fittings including surface mounted baseplate.
Installed elevated Threshold/RWY end fittings in final position following completion of works in area.
Supplied, made up with flying secondary leads and installation of new secondary cables (and earth cable) via existing/new ducts or saw-cuts from new shallow base to the edge of the runway in temp pits or existing manhole and connected to isolating transformer.
Labeled all secondary cables, isolating transformers and manholes as directed on site.
Reconfiguration of Taxiway E1 centreline lighting primary and secondary cables and transformers including installation of new bi-directional taxiway centreline fittings
Recalibrate the existing CCR’s associated with Taxiway “E1”
Test and commission reinstated AGL systems in conjunction with a DAA representative