Our ability to innovate within our business sector is critical to our provision of a market leading service. ICT (Information Communication Technology) is one of the areas where we have a proven track record in this regard. This has benefited several of our more traditional construction projects as well as, in particular, our projects with a high level of Data Capture.

A very important part of our ability in this area is the flexibility and security of our system, as our various software solutions (detailed below) as well as our internal business network are all hosted in the “Cloud”, via our IT support partner “Typetech”. Our end users access all Applications and file storage through a single browser portal called the “Global Office”. The hosted infrastructure is located in a Tier III datacentre (Telecity in Dublin) and backed-up daily to a further Tier III datacentre. This has the benefit of removing the requirement to store any files locally on machines, and allows us complete mobility, as well as the highest level of security and resilience (Tier III) available in Ireland.


  • ICT

We are not an IT company, but an ever increasing aspect of our business is ICT Project Management, and this is something that we are experts in. In today’s utility sector efficient ICT is a critical part of service delivery, and our long successful track record is proof of our very strong capability in this area.

In the early 2000’s we developed,via our in-house IT team, our first Work Management and ICT Support System to assist in the execution of a large Network Maintenance contract with Eircom. Since then we have developed several other project specific systems, in-house and more recently via our software partner(the 4 x Microsoft Gold Medal company), Spanish Point, who also provide full 24/7 “break/fix” support, thus ensuring the highest level of resilience. To date the systems developed in-house include:

CIMS: Large scale/variable task Valuation and Work Management System.
MIMS: Meter Information Management System, used to track the “life” (installation/repair/maintenance) and meter reads of over 20,000 water meters.
JMS: Repeat task Smart Phone App based Job Management System, used on our electricity meter and heating unit contracts.
WIMS: Work Info Management System: an evolution of the JMS being used on our Irish Water Metering Contract, and managing over 2,000 individual Jobs per day.
Store Trak: Warehouse and Materials Management System.
TRAMS: Plant Management System.

Mainline Group has the capability to develop new or customize our existing systems to the specific requirements of a Contract/Client. We can quickly optimise data flow, management of information (job/order book, financial and safety/quality performance), thereby avoiding duplication of activities and cost. Our clients also have access to our systems, providing full transparency and enabling up to the minute transfer of information.

Our capabilities in the ICT area are exemplified by our recent ability to mobilise our WIMS software for use on the Irish Water Domestic Metering Contract within 5 weeks of award of the Contract. Indeed all of the IT Hardware and Software (incl. Work Management & Finance) used on our Irish Water JV Contract, with J Murphy & Sons is provided and managed by Mainline Group.


MIMS: Meter Information Management System

Our MIMS software currently used on our 15 year Cork Non-Domestic Metering Contract, was based around our original CIMS solution, and was developed in conjunction with our client Cork County Council after an extensive Work-shop Program. MIMS records and manages all Water Meter information (Survey, Installation, Meter Reads, Repair and Maintenance) “cradle to grave”, and also analyses Meter Read information and produces leakage reports etc

JMS: Job Management System

The JMS is a repeat task Smart Phone App based Job Management System, used on our electricity meter and heating unit contracts. Developed initially as a comprehensive data capture and information management system for our PrePayPower contract, it is also currently used on our Heating Unit installation Contracts, as well as small one-off projects. The strength of this system is its flexibility and ease of use, enabling us edit the data fields in-house at very little cost and without the use of external programmers. The System is extremely robust and enables the Client receive live updates and reports via our web access portal.

WIMS: Work Information Management System

WIMS is an evolution of the JMS, and is currently being used on our Irish Water Metering Contract with J Murphy and sons. The project involves installing over 275,000 water meters in two of the eight domestic water metering regions (the South West and West), with over 2,000 individual WIMS tasks required per day. As noted above our timeline to implement the first release of WIMS was extremely tight with installation of the water meters commencing in September 2013, less than 6 weeks after signing of Contracts. Today WIMS manages all aspects of the contract from data capture to as-built information, to the associated financials, as well as all reporting requirements.



Our Data Capture team has extensive knowledge and experience of information capture and management for utility asset owners, private networks and energy retail. We have an extensive track record of safe and successful delivery of major long term utility frameworks.

We understand that we operate in a dynamic market, with continually evolving technology, spanning the various utilities, and Mainline Group is ready to adapt our services and utilise our knowledge to meet present and future demands in this area. We recognise that in all we do, brand reputation is critical to our Clients, and given the typically intrusive nature of this work, our “Customer First” attitude is critical in this regard.



Water Metering - Irish Water

In 2013 in conjunction with our project partners J Murphy & Sons, Mainline Group was appointed as delivery partner to Irish Water for two of the eight domestic water metering regions. The two regions, the South West and West, include the installation of over 275,000 domestic water meters, and have a combined contract value of circa €100m. Installation of the water meters commenced in September 2013 and will continue for 3 years. As part of this project we are required to QA all installed Meters, which from a Data Capture perspective involves the capture of all initial meter data, including meter read, via a “drive-by” date capture solution.

Water Metering - Cork County Council

Mainline Group installed 20,000 non-domestic Water Meters within County Cork, and in 2006 we commenced a 15-year Operation and Maintenance contract to manage all aspects of the water meter infrastructure, from ID of new Customers to meter reading, surveying and installation of new meters. This involves several areas of Data Capture from the 20,000 meter reads per Quarter (via a “walk-by” solution), to Survey, and subsequent installation of new installations.

Electrical Metering - PrePayPower

The Mainline Group has installed over 40,000 electricity meters nationwide for PrePayPower Ltd. Working together with the Client from the outset, we agreed a pricing structure based on an open-book approach, and developed an in-house IT app based Job Management System (JMS) with a Web access portal to enable the Client to receive live updates and reports. At its peak the project involved the installation of over 500 meters per week nationwide, with significant Data Capture requirements, from asset details to “as-built” information as well as billing and meter read details.

Remote Heating Controls - Climote

To date Mainline Group has installed over 1,500 Climote units in County Louth, as part of the largest social-housing regeneration scheme in Europe. This is a very exciting project with huge energy saving potential, as already demonstrated by the results achieved to date. The project involved significant Data Capture requirements, from asset details to “as-built” information, as well as other relative information.